Friday, September 16, 2011

Five Question Friday

We went camping last week, so I missed the Five Question Friday.
But I'm back this week! 

1. If you had a weekly newspaper column, what would you name it?
Ok, so bit boring here. But seeing how my blog is called Life in Lusaka, I'd probably have that as my column. Only as I had hoped this bllog would be filled with new adventures. And while there are some, there's also a lot of daily life going on.

2. Who is your mentor/inspiration?Wow. I have a few.

 Mrs Dudley, my high school home ec teacher was probably the best teacher I've ever had. She's the kind of teacher I inspire to be. 

My Seed Mamas. 
You know who you are. Moms of twins. Working moms. With no housekeeper, nanny or cook. You do it all. Take care of a houseful of kids, work, cook, clean. You are superwomen.

3. What is your wake up beverage of choice?
It's unbelievably dry here. Lately, I wake up a drink a bottle of water. 
When school began this year,  I'd make myself a cup of tea and take it to work. 
Then I discovered that the school tuck shop makes a mean latte. 

4. Would you wear your mom's clothes?
Nope! Sorry. 
My mum and I aren't exactly close. Nor do we have the same taste in clothes. I know my mum would love it if I wore a sari once in my life. 
Sorry. Not going to happen!

5. When you were a kid, did you put posters on your wall? If so, what were they of?
Really? You want me to share? Won't that show my age?
Fine then!
Let's see....
Duran Duran, Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe all graced my walls at one time or another.

Now that I've share, it's your turn now.