Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Never Let Me Go - Kazua Ishiguro

I was doing so well with my reading challenge, then fell behind.
And, unfortunately, it's partly due to this book.

I've been reading some dystopia books recently, and really enjoy them. It's funny, but it wasn't until this weekend, I realised I've been reading them for years. Margaret Atwood would have to be the Queen of Dystopia with The Handmaid's Tale and Oryx and Crake.

Never Let Me Go is more on Atwood's line of dystopia than the young adult ones I've been reading. Having said that, it was hard to get into.

Here's my problem:

The book begins in the late 1990s. So while it's an alternate society type book, having taken place almost 20 years ago, confuses me some. It's not the "unseen future" but a never happened past.

Kathy, our narrator, turns out talks a lot like me. She's telling the story of her life in Hailsham. She starts talking about something, then goes to another story then returns to the one she was telling. Yikes, do I really get off track like that? It made it hard to follow.

However, Kazua Ishiguro has laid out a story that leaves you asking questions and wanting more. He discusses these illnesses, but doesn't share it all at once. I kept reading to learn more about the carers and donors.

Half way through the book, I learnt it had been made into a movie. So you know I'm off to check out Amazon to see if I should get it!