Sunday, September 25, 2011

Once Dead, Twice Shy - Kim Harrisson

This was one of those free or 99 cent books offered through Pixel of Ink. You've got to like that, because you get to read a book you probably would never have found on your own. And what's even better; when you enjoy it!

Once dead, Twice Shy is the first in the Madison Avery Trilogy, but when you start reading it, you almost wonder if it's the second book, or even if you've missed the first few chapters. 

The book opens with Madison telling you how at her prom, she was killed. Sorta. She was scythe by a dark reaper and when he came to take her soul, she stole his amulet and now she's got the impression of a body. This is where I wondered what I missed. It wasn't made clear, at least I didn't think so, until further in the book that the dark reaper has her body, her soul now has the amulet which gives her the body people see, so although she's dead, she's not! Follow?

Because she has the amulet, she has a light reaper by her side. He's there to help and protect her. When it's learnt the amulet belongs to the dark timekeeper and not reaper, a guardian angel is also sent to guard her. As I type this, I realise it's beginning to sound complicated which is it, until a few chapters in when you get more information.

There's even a cute budding romance. And we all know I love those romances. teeheehee.