Sunday, September 25, 2011

Room - Emma Donoghue

OMG! Talk about heartbreaking. What a fabulous book this was.

A couple weeks ago, a colleague of mine told me about a book she read when she was flying from London to Lusaka. Her connecting flight in Jo'burg was delayed, which she appreciated, as it allowed her to finish the book. All she told me was that it was called Room, was a story written in the perspective of a 5 year old who's basically grown up in a room and everything is his friend (ie the Table and Dora).

Jack is 5 years old. His mother was kidnapped 7 years ago and has been locked in a room ever since. Jack believes their Room is the world and everything Outside is like TV. Jack's mother realises they need to escape and comes up with a plan. But the plan depends on her 5 year old being the saviour.


Once they escape, the book continues as Jack begins to see the World as it truly is. It's big, there are people everywhere, some things on TV are real and some things are not. He must learn to deal with these changes, including the changes in his mother, who missed the world and is trying to cope with the changes being away for 7 years has done.

Jack is a typical 5 year old in that he is curious and inquisitive. He doesn't understand why Room was bad. He misses the simplicity of life in Room. 

And after reading Room, I made sure to give Ethan some extra hugs.


Faiza said...

This book broke my heart too. One I'll never forget!

Darlene said...

It does sound like a very interesting book. I'm not so sure I am emotionally up to reading it right now, but will certainly think about trying to do so in the future at some time. Thanks for sharing.