Sunday, September 11, 2011


Don't you just love great weekends in Zambia?
This weekend was yet another fabulous one for the Nisbet clan.
AISL has a social committee.
Gotta love that.
They organised a camping trip to Kiambi, in the lower Zambezi.

I use the term camping, very lightly, 
as most of the teachers camped.
A couple other did the self catering route.
We did the posh, tented camp route!

Driving to Kiambi was a bit of a concern for Scott.
Never having been there before,
we followed the convoy of teachers,
and Scott kept noticing the signs. 
We were heading towards to the Zambian border.
Hopefully we weren't going to cross the border,
as I didn't have our passports!

But instead of crossing the border,
we crossed a river.

We knew we were in for a great weekend, 
when we got a vision of the sunset.

Much of Saturday was spent hanging around,
relaxing, chatting, getting to know each other outside of the school.

Deb brought some books and got all the kids interested
in Cinderella and her tales.

Laura got Ethan interested in Beetle Boy.
I have visions of him wanting to be a beetle for Halloween.

Ethan, not being as shy as he often claims to be,
decided to join in on a game of Frisbee.

Saturday night, we took a sunset cruise.
Susan, my partner in crime,
and I brought a bottle of wine
to enjoy the sunset.

And boy what a sunset it was.

We not only got a great sunset,
we got some family time, 

and we got to see hippos and elephants!

Oh, and in case you're still laughing about Scott thinking we were heading to 
we almost got there.

What a great weekend!


Kim said...

Oh my goodness!!! I would have loved to have been there with you. That looks fantastic.
I can see Ethan wanting to be a beetle, too. ;)