Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ladies Night

Last Friday, as I made Scott feel guilty about missing my birthday, he vowed to call my mate Betti, insisting she take me out to celebrate since he wouldn't be around. I didn't want the fuss. And for those who know me well, I love a fuss, but this was sincere. 

Saturday morning, Susan came over to get me for the Dutch Market. Since Scott had to go to work to book his flight and get some last minute things done, we had to take Ethan with us. Scott chatted with Susan and let her know how I would be alone for my birthday.

Susan would have none of it.

She arranged for a lovely ladies' night.

It was great.

It was a double party. My birthday and first ladies' night in Lusaka.

Susan, Elizabeth, Debs, Sarah, Betti and I headed to La Revolution, a Mexican restaurant for margaritas. And food.

It was a fun filled night. Great food. Great drinks. Great friends.

Even Betti was amused when she lifted her mojito glass to find the bottom fell out.

Here's to another great year. 
Raise your glass to Life in Lusaka.
And cheers to some great mates.


Darlene said...

Happy Birthday Sima, or if it was yesterday, I should say Happy Belated Birthday. I loved the pictures and must say, it looked like you had a great celebration, even though it wasn't with Scott.

I hope you are liking Lusaka more each day and that you aren't missing living in Dar too much.

Darlene said...

Well, I guess I won't delete this comment like I did the first one because I misspelled two words. I guess I am going to have to edit my remarks before I press the publish comment button. Honestly, Tima, I really do know how to spell your name. I just didn't want your first two comments to show that they were removed by the author. This author is feeling quite stupid at this point. Sorry!