Wednesday, October 26, 2011

About the Authors: Writing Workshop with our Youngest Writers - Lisa Cleaveland & Katie Wood Ray

I'd like to think I had a decent writing program last year, but it wouldn't work with my students this year, so I changed it up.

Last week, I was teasing my class on how we've completed 1/4 of the school year. It then occurred to me that we completed 1/4 of the school year! I was not happy the way our Writer's Workshop/Work on Writing was going.

Over the weekend, I came across the book About the Authors. It's all about Writer's Workshops with students in KG-G2. Perfect! While most of the examples were of grade 1students it was inspiring.

The idea behind About the Authors is to teach children to be authors, not writers. You have children create books. Yes that's not something new, but it was great to be reminded.

So now I'm all excited to start writing with my students again. 

Isn't great when you find a book that inspires you?


Sue said...

I like this take on helping children get excited about words...and putting them down on paper.


Darlene said...

I'm sure you are a great teacher Tima. Probably a very natural one. I have a daughter who teaches school and she is a natural too. She started in teaching in our neighborhood when she was very young. The mothers all said that their kids might not do their homework for school but they ALWAYS did their homework for Nikki's school. I'll bet you are the kind of teacher she is.

And yes, it is wonderful when you find and read a book that inspires you. Glad you found just what you wanted and needed.

It is neat when children learn to write on their own and so fun to read their little stories as they learn to put their words together.

Just a thought is so funny that so often when I comment on your blog, it is right after my daughter Sue has commented. Once before, we were the first two to comment. Seems like a family affair to me. We are both avid readers of your blog. I have been away for a couple of weeks and just returned. Come by my blog and read about my crazy vacation and my horrendous fall. (Grandma Robbins Nest)