Thursday, October 20, 2011

Writer's Workshop - Things I've never done

I am 40 years old.

And I've never...

1. Gone bungee jumping
2. Cooked Christmas dinner

3. Gone skydiving

4. Been to New Orleans

5. Joined the mile high club
6. Been to Egypt

7. Been to Australia

8. Met a vampire
9. Cleaned the toilet
10. Handled a gun
11. Watched any of the Godfather movies

12. Spent a night in jail
13. Eaten frog legs

14. Had breakfast at Tiffany's
15. Seen the Macy's parade
16. Ran in a marathon
17. Ran in a half marathon
18. Worn a pair of skinny jeans

19. Watched Jersey Shore

20. Driven a race car
21. Made a sex tape
22. Had such a hard time thinking of 22 things I've never done

Check out Mama Kat and see what others have never done.


Arnebya said...

If I did a list, visiting Africa would be high on it. Specifically, to see the Chobe river (my oldest daughter is named Chobe and I want her to see how beautiful it is -- in person). From your list, I've done: 2 (almost every year), 9 (every Saturday morning), 11 (a couple, not all), 15 (does watching on tv count?), 18 (skinny jeans are baggy on me, and 21 (tequila + husband + video camer =)

Sue said...

Wow, I never knew how many of the blogs I follow are devotees of Mama Kat's. I'll have to check her out!


PS. I enjoyed that you added a few pics to your list.

SUPAHMAMA! said...

I am DETERMINED to find a pair of skinny jeans that look good on me (and have the body to pull it off) by Christmas!

Jackie said...

I think skinny jeans & the Godfather are overrated! Jersey shore is one of those guilty pleasures for me. Sigh.