Monday, October 24, 2011

Dark Magic - Christine Feehan

Don't you just love vacation time?
This week we've been on mid-semester break.
Friday, we got in the car and had a road trip to Ndola.
That meant 4 hours in the car, 
with nothing to do but listen to music and read.
And that's what I did.

The first book I got through was
Dark Magic.
This is book 4 in the Carpathians series.

Having not read the first three, I was a little confused at the beginning. There were parts that confused me. Apparently, the Carpathians are a species that cannot go out during the day and feed on blood. But they are not vampires. If a Carpathian doesn't find his lifemate, he turns either to the sun (death) or crosses over and becomes a vampire (evil).

In Dark Magic, Gregori is a powerful Carpathian. He is a hunter and a healer. He is destined to be with Savannah, half human and half Carpathian. She ran away from her family, not wanting to be someone's lifemate, and is known as world famous magician. While she's attracted to him, she does not want or understand what it means to be his lifemate. Gregori, meanwhile is afraid he'll see her as a monster he sometimes feel he is.

It's a fabulous story. We've got Carpathians, evil vampires and vampire hunters who are just as evil and lead by a vampire. What more could you want?