Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Boys of the Food Network Challenge

I have to admit. I love watching Food Network Challenge.
Seriously. Check out some of these cakes.

But if I'm perfectly honest,
my favourite episodes don't have so much to do with the cakes,
as it does with the pastry chefs.

I don't know what's yummier...
the cakes
or these boys.

What's even sweeter,
Joshua John Russel and
Jason Ellis
are best mates in real life.

Now don't you want to watch?
You get twice the eye candy.
Delicious cakes.
And amazing boys!


Sue said...

I think you're right. Those guys are pretty cute!


Darlene said...

Wow! Those cakes look pretty yummy but I do have to agree with my daughter, Sue. The guys are so VERY HANDSOME. (Even though I am hungry and would love a piece of cake, I think I would love to have the boys around more)

I have a grandson who is a musician. He has been on so many tours and as a result, has been on every continent but Africa, and his partner was born is South Africa) When they perform at a Music Festival that is held each year in our area, I have around seven or eight young kids sleeping all over my house and they love coming here because I make Swedish Pancakes for them for breakfast. I do love being around young boys. They just are so much fun. I always look forward to when they are here.

Kim said...

I don't watch it, but now I want to. :)