Tuesday, May 15, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 10

Last year, 
I spent Mother's Day
at the Lusaka airport.
We were here house hunting
and getting Ethan registered for school.
The plan was to take the morning flight back to Dar,
and spend a lovely Mother's Day there.
We got to the airport,
checked in,
and learnt our flight was delayed.
And delayed,
and delayed again.
It was not a happy Mother's Day.

This year was going to be different.
This year was different.
Mother's Day began on Friday.
Ethan's class invited the moms for tea.
The children got in a line to recite a poem.

They made us lovely cards
and a potted cactus.

After school,
Ethan got a much needed haircut.

Ethan came bounding in my room
at 5:30am
to wish me a Happy Mother's Day.
I informed him
that being able to sleep in
would help make it a happy one.
Scott got up,
entertained Ethan
and let me sleep until 8am.

We decided to go out for lunch.
I'd been told of a place
a little far from us,
and thought we could give it a try.

On the way home,
Ethan decided I needed flowers.
The man selling the flowers had 2 bunches.
One bunch was 40,000 kwa
(about $8)
the other for 70,000
(about $14).
My darling son,
looked at me,
then replied
"I'll take the one for $40"!
Yes I am loved!

Happiness is spending a fabulous Mother's Day with my boys.


Sue said...

Glad they treated ya right!


Kim said...

What a lovely treat. Much better than last year's. ;)

Darlene said...

You must know how happy I was to read about Ethan again, and his Happy Mother's Day excitement! I also loved the pictures, but you know what? I quite liked his hair longer. They really cut it short, but maybe he likes it that way. I'm sure it is a lot cooler.

I'm glad you got to sleep in a little longer on Mother's Day! Also, it was sweet that you got flowers too!

Your last Mother's Day was the pits. There is nothing I hate more than to have to hang around the airport for hours......