Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Entangled - Nikki Jefford

The power went out yesterday evening.
It wasn't too stressful, 
as it isn't nearly as hot and humid here
as it was in Dar,
so power outages are bearable.

But what to do?

Pick up a great book.

And I did.

I need to keep track of where I get these books from.
Did someone recommend it?
Was it a free Kindle?
Did I find it on Goodreads?
Because, honestly,
I cannot recall why or how this book
showed up on my Kindle.
But I'd like to thank whoever put it there.

Entangled was fabulous!
Nikki Jefford created not only a great storyline
but amazing characters.

Graylee and Charlene are witches
and twins.
Jefford begins by letting you know that although they are identical
they are also very different.
Charlene is devastated when her boyfriend dumps her.
She vows to make his new girlfriend pay.
But, somehow,
Graylee dies.

Three months later, 
Graylee wakes up, 
to find herself in her sister's body.
Their mother had a resurrection spell
that went wrong.
Now Graylee and Charlene share a body.
Every 24 hours.
And Jefford lets us know
that not only does Charlene not like this,
but Charlene's not all that nice!

I'm not sure if I loved the book
or hated it.
Cos I really hated Charlene.
Like really.
I guess that mean Jefford did a smashing job,
and that means
oh yes, 
totally loved it!!!!



Darlene said...

Now this one sound like it is crazy weird. I don't think I would like it.

I do think you have a great talent for giving quick reviews of the books you are reading though. I enjoy the reviews, but will say no thanks when it comes to reading this one.