Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Am Mom Enough

Ok, I know we've all seen the Time Magazine cover
asking if you're mom enough.
I'm sure many of you
have either written a blog post
or read a blog post about it too.
And then there's the bunch of you
that have gotten into 
Facebook conversations about it.
It's everywhere.
Women are now asking themselves
and each other;
Are you mom enough?

So here's my thing.
I tend not to make my blog controversial.
I'm fairly easy going. 
this whole thing has gotten me

My personal feelings about the cover
are just that,
my personal feelings.
Who am I to judge another mom?
Motherhood isn't exactly the easiest job. 
And while I'd like to say there isn't a manual on Motherhood,
apparently there are many.

But how dare anyone judge another mom
because they don't do the same thing.
Yes, personally I wouldn't breastfeed my almost 4 year old.
But again, that's me.
What I'm utterly offended by
are the various blogs and Facebook conversations
making mothers who don't breastfeed
or co-sleep
out to be horrible moms.

I am mom enough!

Ethan had latching issues.
According to Dr Sears,
I'm not mom enough.

Ethan was,
and still is,
I supplemented his bottled breast milk
with formula.
According to many Facebook conversations
that doesn't make me mom enough.

I didn't co-sleep with Ethan.
I have nothing against co-sleeping.
It's just not for me. 
I tend to toss and turn when I sleep,
and was terrified I'd roll on top of a sleeping Ethan.
How dare Dr Sears imply that doesn't make me
mom enough!!!!!

And now,
there's a Facebook conversation
about those 
"protein shakes" for kids.
Things like Pediasure.
It almost seems like the breastfeeding moms
are against those moms that give their kids these shakes.

Well, I'm one of those moms.
Ethan hates milk.
Scott brought some Carnation Essentials
back from his trip to Canada.
Ethan loves it.
He went from barely drinking a glass of milk a day
to asking for a glass of milk 
a few times a day.
So how can that be a bad thing?
How can I not be mom enough?

Yesterday at school
Ethan's class had a Mother's Day tea.
Each child said why they loved their moms.
No child said it was because their mom
practised Attachment Parenting. 
Ethan said he loves me
"because she buys me toys."

Hey, Dr Sears,
guess what?
I am mom enough!!!!!!


Sue said...

I have to confess that I find nursing at such advanced ages a worrisome practice. I don't think it's a great idea at all, and I see it as a boundary issue. (Yes, I used to be a psychotherapist in my former life.)


PS. I completely agree that you are "mom enough."