Tuesday, May 8, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 9

Ethan often enjoys playing outside
with our guard and gardener.
A couple of weeks ago,
he was upset that we would not let him play with them.
They were playing checkers
outside the gate,
and well,
we didn't want Ethan outside the gate.
He was devastated.
He wanted to learn how to play.
Easy enough,
I played with him.

Checkers is Ethan's new favourite game.
I came home the other day
and wondered why it was so quiet in the house.
Walked into the living room
to find this;

Happiness is finding someone to play checkers with.


Jessica said...

Love the light coming in on the second one!

Karen Mortensen said...

So sweet. Glad he found someone to play with.

Sue said...

Checkers was one of my favorite games when I was young.


PS. King me!

Kim said...

You are going to laugh at me, but I do not know how to play checkers. When I was 5 my grandfather taught me to play chess. I taught it to my dad and we would play. Unfortunately we were both at the same skill level. lol
I haven't played chess since I was 8. I hate board games. My poor kids will be deprived.

Darlene said...

Good for Ethan!! It is great what kids can learn........they really take it on. My grandson learned how to play chess really early too. I never could figure that game out. I just never had the desire to tackle it. I actually only like to play one board game and that is Scrabble and I LOVE to play that! Good that he found someone to play checker with too!