Thursday, May 3, 2012

Writer's Workshop - Lies I Tell

List of Lies You Constantly Tell

This week MamaKat 
asked us to share a list of lies
we constantly tell.

I'm sure you're surprised to hear I tell lies.
I know, I know
you thought I was so wonderful.
But it's true,
I tell some lies.

Here are my top 3 lies.
at least the lies I don't mind sharing.

Lie #1 - I lie about my age.
Shocking, I know. 
And no,
 I will not admit to my real age.
Let me just confess
I'm not really 32.

Lie #2  - I lie about my weight.
I know you don't care
about my weight
but I do.
And I refuse to admit
that I've gained some weight.

Lie #3 - I lie to Scott.
Ok, it's not an evil thing.
And really, I don't consider it a lie.
I just don't admit that the new shoes are new.
I just tell him I haven't worn them in awhile.


Sue said...

Those are some common fibs people tell.

I don't lie about my weight. I just refuse to divulge it!


melissa carswell said...

I don't lie about weight except to myself. haha

May said...

My age doesn't bother me at all, but the weight thing? I am with you!

Kim said...

Well those are just little white lies. No one cares about those, except for Scott. You can't really keep telling that lie now that you have shared it. lol

Darlene said...

I guess I am quite differenet. I really don't lie about anything. I used to when I wss younger, but now I don't care if everyone knows that I am 85 and I don't like to tell what my weight is, but if anyone asks I now have to say that I am 170. Why the heck I can't lose that ten pounds that I gained over the holidays (Christmas holidays,that is) I'll never know. For some reason I have only broked that 70's a couple of times and then I am right back. Oh well, I'm beginning to not care too much (maybe that's why I'm not losing) I can still wear the same clothes, so what the heck.

Oh wait, I guess there is one thing I lie about........When someone asks me how I am or how I feel, I always say I'm okay or just fine, when the truth is, I usually feel pretty awful health wise and I constantly hurt, but nobody really wants to know that, do they?

Mama Kat said...

Luckily my man doesn't notice the new clothes I bring's just better that way.