Monday, May 21, 2012

Blood and Sunlight - Jamie Wasserman

After the last few books I read
(not including the Fifty series)
a mate commented 
that there was a lack of vampires.
She wondered if I was off vamps.
Off vamps????
Oh, no!!!

Melanie works as a waitress.
Her boyfriend, Bryan,
likes to play dress up.
He dresses like a vampire,
he sleeps all day,
he drinks red wine.
Basically, he thinks he's a vampire.

One night,
they head out,
take drugs,
the usual,
when suddenly Bryan is attacked.
Melanie panics, 
and passes out.
She later wakes up in a trailer
that's been set on fire.
And here she meets Lucas.

And so begins part 2 of the book.

Lucas is a wannabe vampire hunter.
So she's gone from being with a 
wannabe Dracula
to a wannabe Van Helsing.
But Lucas isn't all that stable,
and uses her as bait to catch the vampire
that changed his girlfriend and killed Bryan.

And so begins part 3 of the book.

In comes Keenan. 
He is a vampire.
And in order to save Melanie from death,
he changes her.
And now Melanie's a vampire too.

I dunno about this one.
It got some great reviews on Goodreads.
I'm just not sure about it.

But that hasn't scared me away
from my vamp books! 


Sue said...

I just can't get into the whole vampire thing. But as I've told you before, my daughter is waaay into it.


jamie said...

Any interest in a free digital review copy of the sequel? It was just released and might win you over ;-)

jamie said...

Any interest in a free digital copy of the sequel for review? Maybe it'll get you win you over ;)