Thursday, May 31, 2012

Writer's Workshop

I almost named my child _________, but chose _________ instead because.......

I should be working on reports.
But am feeling uninspired,
so Mama Kat is proving me with an excellent distraction.

I've always loved the name Noah.
Until I met Scott,
I knew I'd have a boy named Noah.
Until I met Scott.
With out last name beginning with an N,
Scott wasn't about to have a child who's first name
also started with an N.
So Noah was vetoed!

When Scott and I got married,
I was an ultimate James Dean fan.
I told Scott we need to have three boys;
James, Byron, and Dean.
Yay, he didn't go for that either.

When we learnt we were pregnant,
we began the name process.
We could not agree.

One night,
I was watching TV,
ok, I was watching 
One Tree Hill.
Scott's nephew is named Lucas.
How cool would it be to have our son be named Nathan?
Then we'd have Lucas and Nathan, Scott.
Get it? Scott?
I loved it!
Scott did not.
Cos you know, 
the whole N thing.

Then Scott looked over and said he'd go for Ethan.
Ethan? Hmmmm.....
I like it!
Do we know any Ethans?
Ethan from Survivor was one of our favourites,
so that was a good sign.

Ok so,
I almost named my child Nathan,
but chose Ethan instead because
my husband was not a fan of the name Nathan!


SouthMainMuse said...

It is funny how we name children. We had a name set out for our eldest if he was a boy or girl. My husband didn't want him to be a III. Until he was born. And now we have a JKM, III.

Sue said...

I was always going to name one of my sons Travis, but by the time I actually had one, I didn't even like the name anymore.


WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

I'd always liked the names Tyler and Aurora, but neither of those came close to fruition because the hubs didn't like either of those at all, so I totally get where you're coming from!

Kim said...

I love hearing how people came up with their child's name. I love the Survivor reference, too. ;)