Friday, April 29, 2011

Ascend - Amanda Hocking

Ok, so I'm finally done with the Trylle Triology. Once I started the first one, I felt the need to finish them all. Good thing they were easy reads.

In the final instalment, you are able to see the complete change in Wendy. She is no longer the rebel. She has accepted her role as Princess, and even Queen. This part I enjoyed. It was nice to see her relationship with her mother. Wendy always believed she was unloved, and here we learn just how much Elora loved her.

Wendy also continues to fight for equality among her people, and even though this doesn't get resolved, you are left with a sense of belief. She will do everything she set out to do.

And if this were what the trilogy, or even Ascend was about, I'd probably have liked it more than I did. But, so sorry, I got annoyed. I really wanted to finish this, but it was difficult. I often had the incredible urge to throw my Kindle against the wall!

Did I ever tell you that I don't like Romeo and Juliet? Well I don't. And here's why. I just don't buy it! Asides from the fact that Romeo and Juliet are like 12, it's not real. Romeo meets Juliet at the party that he sneaks into to see Juliet's cousin as he's madly in love with her. Now suddenly he's in love with Juliet? And no, I have not gone off topic.

In the first 2 books, Wendy is in love with Finn. He's a tracker and doesn't believe they can be together. He doesn't fight for her. Very much like Gale in Catching Fire, he gives up. The night before her wedding to Tove, he goes to see her. He realises they can only have this one night. Since she wants more than one night, she turns him down. I respect that. Was really hoping to see them hook up, but again, this shows her growth.

What utterly irritates me, is a mere few days later, she jumps into bed with Loki, telling him they will only have that one night! Oh, and then she tells Finn she's in love with Loki! Hello.... Romeo?????

Maybe I'm bias. The troll thing still threw me off. Was hard to get into. Maybe if they were fairies I would've liked it better? Maybe? Maybe not?