Monday, April 25, 2011

The Finding - Nicky Charles

Yup! I gobbled up this series!

The Finding wraps up the Law of the Lycans trilogy. And it didn't disappoint. I may even venture to say I enjoyed it as much as the 1st one.

At the end of The Keeping, young Cassie not only witnesses her uncle murdered, but she sees a werewolf attack her uncles lawyer and she learns she's also a werewolf.

Jump 3 years, and this is where The Finding begins. Cassie is now living in Las Vegas, determined to keep her wolf a secret and inside of her. Bryan is Ryne's Beta, and he goes off in search of Cassie and to bring her to Canada to join their pack.

This book was stressful. Poor Cassie. She's fighting the wolf within, her boyfriend is ready to sell her to pay off his gambling debts, she's attracted to a were, she learns her uncle's lawyer wants to have her committed, take all her money and expose her as a werewolf, oh and Marla's back!

I had to put the book down several times to calm down!

Cassie and Bryan's romance runs at a slower pace than Elise and Kane and Mel and Ryne. But Cassie is innocent, young and confused, and this slow pace is better suited for her.

I love how each book in the trilogy is different. She brings back the characters, so you know what's happened to them, but the main focus is original. She doesn't repeat the storyline. Each were-romance is unique.

I'm still determined to visit Stump River!