Saturday, April 9, 2011

Itchy Itchy Chicken Pox

A few years ago there were a couple of cases of the chicken pox at Ethan's preschool. I so hoped he would get them.

He did not.

Then, last year, at the French School, there was a chicken pox outbreak in his classroom. A bunch of his closest mates got it.

Ethan did not.

People assumed I had given Ethan the vaccine. I didn't. Scott and I decided we would not, as it is an elective vaccine. But now two outbreaks have occurred and Ethan was skipped. So now we'd decided if he didn't get them by the time he's 7, we'd get him vaccinated. 

A couple of months ago I had a student with the chicken pox. Was it too much to hope Ethan would catch them too?

Apparently so.

Then another one of my students got it. 

Still nothing.

Then a couple of weeks ago, Ethan came home from school with a nurse's note. There was a case of the chicken pox in Ethan's classroom. This could be it?

Tuesday, Ethan went to my mum's. When I went to get him Wednesday morning, my mum showed me a spot on Ethan's bottom. It was one spot. So we ignored it.

Then Thursday morning, I noticed the spot was larger. And then I saw another one. Looking further up, Ethan had a couple spots on his back. Has to be the chicken pox.

By the afternoon, the number of spots tripled. It's the chicken pox!

While Scott and I are thrilled he finally got them, Ethan reacted as if he were given a death sentence. All day Thursday, he was devastated. By Friday, he learnt to milk it. 
"I need peanut butter. I have the chicken pox."
"I can't eat my dinner, I have the chicken pox."
"I need to watch a movie. I have the chicken pox."

And while the spots kept multiplying, Ethan began to accept that this was not, in fact, a death sentence. However, you cannot let him know there are any on his face.

This morning, Ethan looked in the mirror. After getting over the realisation, that he does, indeed have spots on his face, he's accepted them. So, we no longer have to hide his face.

We've spent today watching movies and reading books. I have a book from eons ago, Itchy Itchy Chicken Pox. We've learnt it by heart. 

'I rest.
I read.
I eat.
I play.
I feel better everyday.'

That's what we're hoping for.


Kim said...

When I got chicken pox as a child, the neighbors sent their kids over to play with me. The entire block had chicken pox for over a week. It actually worked out great for us kids. We knew we weren't missing out on any play time, because everyone else had it, too. :-)