Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lover Unleashed - JR Ward

I've been waiting for this book for months now! I even pre-ordered it from Amazon. However, I couldn't bear to wait for it to show up, that I went ahead and also got it on my Kindle so I could start reading it right away. And it was so worth it. (Just don't tell Scott I will have two copies of this, one the hardcover, and the other on Kindle).

Lover Unleashed is suppose to be the story of Vishous' sister, Payne, and Manny, a human doctor. Before you even begin reading, you're already asking yourself how this vampire/human relationship will work. But then, if you've read any other BDB books, words such as mine, sort of give the surprise away. Although I do like how she made this one work, and I was surprised with the new family tree.

Did you catch I said LU is suppose to be a Payne and Manny story? Yeah, well that's due to Vishous taking centre stage. V is going back to his dark side and best pal Butch knows what needs to be done to bring him back. Of all the shellans, Jane isn't really one of my favourites. Maybe the whole ghost thing is what irritates me, I'm not sure, but regardless, she's made likeable here.

What I wasn't thrilled with was the lack of John Matthew. Sorry, but I love him. Oh wait, he did get 3 lines, so he was present.

I also wanted more Blay/Quinn. I'm a little confused with Quinn's prediction, and oh, so hope for more of these two in the next book. (Which comes out when?)

There's this whole serial killer/cop caper thing. Can anyone explain that part? Could we not just skip all that and use the pages for more Blay/Quinn? And if you think you're going to get clarification on them in the next book, can we all remember the Paranormal Investigators/Murhder from Lover Mine.

I do look forward to more Xcor and his merry band of vamps. I wasn't sure what more could be done with the lessers and think Xcor will prove to be a great adversary to the BDB.

Again, I ask, when does the next one get released?


Sarah said...

We have a whole year to wait. :( But she is supposed to do a novella with Wrath and Beth having a baby, and another one with Rhage and Mary adopting. Blay/Quinn are supposedly NOT getting their own book - (tearing up) - but I am holding out hope.