Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Switched - Amanda Hocking

Ok, so we know I love vampires, and even like witches. I'm normally not a big were fan, but Nicky Charles changed that. But now I'm introduced to trolls. Still sitting on the fence with this one. 

Switched is the story of Wendy. On her 6th birthday, her mother tries to  kill her, convinced she's a monster. When she's 17, she learns she's a changeling. She was swapped for another child and she's a troll. A princess troll!

It's actually well written. I think my issues with the book stem from the whole troll thing. I just can't get into that. Her characters are great. Matt is Wendy's brother. He is kind, loving and protective. Tove starts off as a quiet one. He turns out to be heroic and wonderful. Then there's Rhys. He's human living with the Trylle's. He's viewed as a lower class citizen, yet he is positive and brave. Then there's Wendy. She's moody and fussy, and when we learn she's a Troll it makes sense, but she still doesn't fit in. She's still moody and fussy.

I read this on my Kindle, and at the end, instead of turning the page and reading an excerpt from the next book, it jumps right into it. And so, I shall be giving the next one a try. There's a lot of mystery and questions I need answers to. And I'm hoping to grow out of my troll-snob attitude.