Tuesday, April 26, 2011


In the past 9 years, Dar has had many changes. Sometimes it feels like nothing changes, but other times you are stunned by how much this place has changed. There are very few restaurants that Scott & I frequented 9 years ago, that still exist today.

Mediterraneo, happens to be one of them.

It's out in Kawe, and Scott and I use to go there often, especially when we lived out there. Now we've become one of the peninsula snobs, and barely make it off the peninsula. Mediterraneo has become the place we'll go for lunch on a Sunday, after a trip to Game.

On our way home from Lushoto this weekend, we decided to stop there for lunch. We know they make a great pizza, so Ethan would be happy. I was thrilled to see the pumpkin ravioli back on the menu. I have no idea how many years it's been since they last had it on the menu. 

As we were enjoying lunch, and looking out at the ocean, Scott commented that this was probably our last time there. Sad. 

We then realised that it was around this time, 5 years ago that Scott met Kerry. Our mate, Stephen, arranged for us to meet her. There was Scott and I, Stephen, his then wife, Lara, Peter and his wife, a Dutch couple that were friends with Peter and Kerry. I was insanely pregnant. And we, and by we I mean they, went through 7 bottles of wine. The following week, Kerry called Scott offering him a job with ACS.

And so begins our farewell tour.