Thursday, April 14, 2011

Writer's Workshop

 What do the contents of your handbag/purse “say” about you?

I'm not sure how much the contents of my bag say something about me, as the bag itself. But let's take a look at both, shall we, and see what we can learn. 

First off, I love my bags. I have a small collection. Here's a sample (please excuse the mess).

Currently, I have 4 bags I switch back and forth between. They each serve a unique purpose, and I can't decide on just one. So depending on the day,  what I've got with me, and where I'm going, a particular bag is chosen to fit my needs.

Today, this was the winning bag.

It won as I knew I needed to go to the shop after school, and didn't want to dig to the bottom of Sean Penn to find my wallet, and I had my Mac with me. Also, I was wearing purple today. 

And while the bag itself may speak of my inability to choose just one bag, the contents let you know I'm a mom. 

Whichever bag I use, you'll always find the following things;
my wallet, keys, phone, camera and either lip butter or lip gloss (this time it's lip butter).

I read somewhere you should never leave home without some lipstick. I happen to make sure there's always some lippy item. Between taking pictures of an activity my students are doing, pictures of Ethan, and pictures for the various photo challenges, I need to make sure I always have a camera. And my phone, well, let's just say it's an extension of me!

Most days, you'll also find these in my bag;
tissue and plasters.

Can you tell I'm a mum? Can you tell my son tends to injure himself?
However, the plasters came in handy at school the other day, when a teacher cut herself. Not sure how much she appreciated the fact that it was cartoony.

These items were found in my bag this afternoon;
my MacBook, Kindle, Judy Moody and an envelop.

These can only mean a few things. The MacBook means I'm fooling myself into believing I'm going to work on some progress reports tonight. I don't always bring my Mac home, since I have a laptop, but I have some documents saved on the Mac. The Kindle means I've been reading in the car. Judy Moody is a book I plan to start with one of my reading groups next week, and need to read it first. And, best of all, is the envelop! Means I got mail today!! I love getting mail!!!!

So what did we learn? Tima can't decide on a bag to use everyday, is phone and camera obsessed, carries a baggie of plasters, and fools herself into thinking she'll work in the evenings!

I can't believe I just emptied out my bag!

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Sarah said...

You are so funny! Love the bag today!

Misty said...

I have four bags, with different purposes, that I too switch between, when the need arises!

LOVE the copy of Judy Moody! :)