Thursday, April 28, 2011

Writer's Workshop

2.) The Royal Wedding… gift ideas.

The Royal wedding is tomorrow. Will I be running home after work to watch it? I'm still undecided. I have memories of my mother waking me up at 5am to watch the nuptials of Prince Charles and Lady Diana (she was a lady, only became a princess after she got married). My mom and I snuggled in her bed, and watch it together. Somehow I can't imagine snuggling with Ethan to watch. I don't think he's that interested.

This week Mama Kat has asked us to brainstorm some wedding gift ideas for the happy couple. After much thought, here are my suggestions:

1. A slip for Kate
How many of us remember that picture of Princess Di, with the sun behind her and her legs showing through her skirt? In case you've forgotten, here it is.

To ensure Kate does not have this happen to her, I think someone ought to send her a few slips.

2. Hats
We have all seen the lovely pictures of Kate and her hats. So why not add to her wardrobe with some outrageous ones?

3. A bajaj
If ever the Prince and Princess decide to come visit Dar, they would, of course, get the royal treatment with escorts everywhere. However, if they decide to escape, and want to get through Dar traffic, a bajaj would be useful.

4. His and her Masaai outfits
I really want to get a Masaai costume for Ethan before we go. And if I want to bring a little of Tanzania with us, why not give the happy couple one too? They could dress up next Halloween.

5. Disguise
With the paparazzi chasing them everywhere, I think they need a disguise.

Mama’s Losin’ It


Jessica said...

The disguise is a must so they can avoid the paparazzi.

Anne said...

So witty and creative. I love it. The Masaai costumes are awesome and add the diguise to that outfit and no one in the world would recognize them. Good luck to the paparazzi on that!