Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Torn - Amanda Hocking

Torn is the second book in the Trylle Trilogy. I'm still not use to the whole troll thing, so pretending they are not trolls, sort of helped. 

The second book begins with Wendy bringing Rhys to Matt's house. As soon as they get there, the Vittra come and they are kidnapped. Wendy learns that the king of Vittra is her father, and not all that nice. Evil actually. 

Wendy does grow in this book. She's not as stubborn or ungrateful. She takes her position as Princess seriously, and does her best to learn the history of Trylle, as well as harness her abilities. 

Wendy's relationship with her mother also grows. She learns that Elora isn't as cold hearted as she thought. 

There's a little romance here too.Well a couple of them. First is Willa and Matt. I'm not sure why Wendy was stunned. Was it not obvious by the way they flirted? It will be interesting to see how this develops, as humans are not to get involved with Trylle's.

The second romance is a little heartbreaking. Wendy loves Finn, but he's a tracker, and therefore not in her league. Wendy learns it's been arranged for her to marry Tove. This didn't come as a surprise, as you could see it coming once he stopped being an expressionless man in Switched. And if a love triangle isn't enough, there's a third guy interested in Wendy. Loki is a Vittra, and proclaims his love for Wendy. Is it real, or a trap? Apparently we'll learn in the third and last book.