Tuesday, July 3, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 17

One of the best things about being home for the summer,
is my Starbucks.
Yes I said MY Starbucks.
I crave Starbucks
and live for Starbucks.

over Christmas,
I live for my lattes.

With it being summer,
I've opted for a few ice lattes.

This afternoon,
my niece introduced me
to McDonald's ice cap.
And it's only a dollar!!!!

Happiness is a McDonald's ice cap!



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Unknown said...


Kim said...

You are in Canada right now?! How cool! Enjoy visiting. If you are going to go to Chicago let me know and I will make the trip up there to meet up. :) I could bring Cole. He would love to meet Ethan.

Sue said...

Never heard of an ice cap from McDonald's. Sounds great!


Darlene said...

After reading Sue's comment, I should tell her that MacDonald's make the same thing here, but it isn't called and ice cap and I forget now what they called it, but I got a free one once as a promotion and it was very good indeed. I don't drink coffee and I'm pretty sure it had some in it, but I love the taste in that particular drink, so I had it anyway.

You can have lots of them while you are in Canada....Do they have a MacDonalds in Lusaka?