Monday, July 23, 2012

The Vincent Brothers - Abby Glines

I really enjoyed
So when I learnt
there was another book,
I had to get it.

The Vincent Brothers
picks up six months after
The Vincent Boys.
Ash and Beau are madly in love
and even though Sawyer gave them 
his blessing
it still hurts.

Lana is Ash's cousin.
We met her in the last book.
She's been in love with Sawyer
for as long as she can remember.
She's come to spend the summer with Ash,
to get away from her divorcing parents,
but also in hopes to get Sawyer to notice her.

I loved The Vincent Boys.
I really liked The Vincent Brothers.
When we first met Sawyer,
he was a real, down to earth, good boy.
Ok, so we don't like good boys,
we tend to go for the bad boy,
like Beau,
but I wasn't happy with the way Sawyer changed.
There's bad boy,
then there's dumb ass.
And Sawyer was a dumb ass!
I also didn't like how
Lana let him treat her like dirt
and was so willing to forgive each and every time.

I did love the ending.
A little of Beau's story from the previous book
came back.
And there was a great ending.
The last chapter jumps
four years ahead
where everyone is happy.
Yes mushy.
I'll admit it was a cheesy
happy ending
and I loved it!

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