Monday, July 23, 2012

Ethan's First Football Match

Scott loves his sports.
I figured he'd be the one to take Ethan to all kinds of games.
But instead, 
I got to be the first!

Faiza and I 
were the ones to take Ethan to his first ever
baseball game.

Now Rehanna and I got to take him
to his very first football match.

Scott's a Liverpool fan.
Had some mate growing up
that was a fan,
and he then became one too.
So when I learnt 
that there was a "friendly" match
between Liverpool and Toronto FC
I just had to go!

The three of us
along with 33,084 others
attended Ethan's first football match.

Ethan kept telling me
all week that since we were in Toronto
he'd be cheering for Toronto.
Rehanna convinced him to cheer for Liverpool.

That is until Toronto scored.
Then Ethan was all about Toronto.
But when Liverpool scored,
Ethan decided to support them both.

I would never have thought
that Torontonians
could be this worked up over football.
You would have thought we were in Europe!
At one point,
I didn't want anyone to know
we were Liverpool supporters
for fear of getting heckled!

With all the red,
it was hard to tell which were Toronto fans
and which were Liverpool fans.

But we did have fun.

Thanks Rehanna for sharing in one of
Ethan's firsts.


Sue said...

What a great first this is!