Sunday, July 15, 2012


I don't think I've ever realised
the power of advertising
until this trip home.

Ethan's not usually exposed to
tons of adverts.
He's been bombarded by them now.
Some aren't too bad,

I went to give Ethan his breakfast this morning.
He was having Cheerios.
"Wait!" he yells.
He needs to check the box before he eats.
Well, the advert says you need 
oat fibre
and he wants to check the box to make sure it has
oat fibre.

Yes, my son is concerned about his cholesterol.

"Mama, do you have a Gold Mastercard?"
I beg your pardon?
Well, it would seem
if you get a Mastercard Gold
from the Bank of Montreal
you can travel.
For free!
Well, at least according to the advert.

When you sign up, you get 1,000 free miles.

Then there's McDonalds.
Ethan gets one trip to McDonalds
and one to Burger King
each visit.
That's it.
We're home for a month,
we're not here to eat fast food.
but the advert makes you think we should go there everyday.
Thanks alot McDs!!!!

My son loves to dance.
He's got great confidence
as he believes he's a much better dancer than he really is.
He loves watching breakdance as well.
In comes Coke.
They have some advert
about sponsoring a dance camp or something.
Am not sure exactly what it's all about.
What I do know,
is a kid drinks some coke
and he breakdances.
So, of course,
Ethan now thinks he should be allowed to drink Coke
because it will make him a better dancer!

Just another week and a half left
and then we return to the land
of non-commercialism.
I think I will make it!


Kim said...

It is hard. We try to watch PBS if we are watching tv. Then the commercials are limited to the companies that sponsor the show. Any other shows we record, then we can skip through the commercials.

Sue said...

The commercials are getting out of hand. I can't believe how glutted TV is with them.

Not good.