Sunday, July 15, 2012

Angel Moon - Jamie Wasserman

Back in May
and was less than blown away.
Jamie Wasserman
offered me the second book in the series
with the thought that maybe
he'd get me to like the series
a bit better.
And who am I to turn down a free book?
Especially one with vampires!

you're probably wondering,
was this more my type of book.

Hell yes!!!!

Blood and Sunlight ended with the death of
Lucas (the wannabe vampire slayer) and his dad.
Lucas' younger sister, Kirsten,
was hiding in the closet.
Melanie and Keenan take a liking to her.
They want to protect her.
They visit her every night
and read her bed time stories.
To Kirsten,
they are
Angel Melanie and Angel Keenan.

Here's what I loved.
The story introduces Kirsten
and quickly jumps 10 years ahead.
She is now in college and obsessed with angels.
It's interesting to read
because you know they are vampires
but she sees them as angels.
Melanie and Keenan stopped visiting her 10 years ago.

At the end of each chapter
Wasserman goes back into the past
and shows us Melanie's growth.
What kind of vampire she has become.
How her love for this child made her make
some unwise choices.

As Kirsten tries to learn more about angels
and her angels,
those close to her end up dead.
Their bodies drained of blood.
Will she learn about her angels?
How will she react?
Will she accept them for what they really are?
And can Keenan accept Melanie?
Full of flaws and all?

Apparently the last 2 questions
will only be answered in the next book

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