Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Vincent Boys - Abby Glines

This was a really sweet book.
I know that sounds lame coming from me,
but I'm not sure how else to describe it.
There was no gripping storyline.
There are no vamps.
This is not dystopia.
And yet,
I truly loved this story.

The Vincent Boys 
begins with two 10 year old cousins,
Sawyer and Beau,
discussing how their best mate,
is starting to change.
Will her becoming a girl
change their friendship?

Sawyer and Beau Vincent 
are cousins.
Beau's the black heart, bad ass cousin.
Sawyer is the all American.
Fast forward to senior year,
Sawyer and Ashton are an item.
But Beau has always loved her.

Sawyer is away for the summer.
Beau and Ashton haven't spoken in years,
but decide to re-kindle their friendship.
And of course,
they fall in love.

The Vincent Boys
is more than the story
of the love triangle.
Yes, Ashton must choose between them,
but at the same time,
Beau is torn.
He loves Sawyer
and would never do anything to harm him.
But who does he love more?
Sawyer or Ash?

This was a sweet,
innocent story
with an interesting twist.
It was a free Kindle
but I just learnt there's a second book.
And let me tell you,
I have no qualms about buying
the next one.


Sue said...

Sounds cute!


Darlene said...

This DOES sound sweet. That was a perfect thing to call it.

I could enjoy reading something like this, but I still have over 175 books in Sue's Kindle that I've yet to read. I don't know how she ever can get so far ahead of me, but she is a really fast reader, always has been.

With all the time she spends in blog land, I don't know how she ever makes time.

Good post, Tima. You really do have a talent for reporting on books you've read!!