Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Envy - JR Ward

Don't you just love it
when a character,
no matter how small,
from one book,
pops up as the main character 
in another?

Well that's just what happened here. 
We met Thomas DelVecchio in 
where he's followed a serial killer
but before he kills him
something else gets the guy.

Envy picks up from there. 

Vech is fighting his inner demons.
And well,
if you follow the Fallen Angels
you can guess the demon is none other than Devina!
Jim, our Fallen Angel,
is out to help Vech
and beat Devina.
To help him is Sophia Reilly.
She's assigned to be Vech partner for a month
and the heat is on.

dear Sophia, 
isn't the smartest of the cops
and she's easily fooled
and suspects Vech of being just like his dad,
a serial killer!

And while Devina may have won the last round,
this win goes to Jim!

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