Tuesday, July 24, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 20

This weekend,
I went to my parents' flat
to sort through some of the stuff I have stored there.
They're moving
and I wanted to sort through things
that they will now need to store in their new place.

It was a trip down memory lane.

I like to deny my age,
however there's no denying my decade 
with this prom dress.

I did decide to go a little sexier
my graduating year.

And what would a trip down memory lane be
without a memory of the first gift Scott ever gave me?

We had just started dating
and hung out one Sunday in downtown Ottawa.
We passed a new shop, Zone
(I wonder if they are still there)
and took a look inside.
I saw a flower vase I thought was pretty.

The next day
one of my courier guys came with a package for me.
Yup, the vase.
A few minutes later,
another guy came me with some flowers.
I knew he was a keeper.

Happiness is a walk down memory lane.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Sweet story about the vase and flowers. He definitely is a keeper. Love the prom dresses too.

Dory Nordlinger said...

I remember those dresses. The regulation hair height was about 7 inches, too, wasn't it? What a thoughtful and well planned gift from your sweetie! Not all guys organize their prezzies like that. Glad you kept him!

Kim said...

He definitely was a keeper. ;)
Oh, love the prom dresses!

Darlene said...

I loved the story about Scott and the vase and flowers. What a thoughtful thing to do. He did make some good brownie points though, didn't he?

I also loved seeing your prom dresses. Isn't it fun to go down memory lane like that? The only thing is that it is so hard to know what to save and what to get rid of. I've had to make some pretty hard decisions about that too, because I don't really want my kids to have to do so much of that when I die. They aren't really interested in the things that I've kept over the years. Still, it is hard to part with some of them.