Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Holding Back the Day - Jamie Wasserman

I need to thank Jamie Wasserman.
I read his book Blood and Sunlight
back in May
and was underwhelmed by it.
he came across my blog
and took no offense.
Instead he offered me his second book
with no strings attached.
He said if I didn't like it
I should be honest.
Well I really liked it.
He then gave me 
Holding Back the Day
and I was blown away.
I don't even know where to begin.

First off,
whoever wrote the book jacket
did a terrible job.
I'm sorry.
But I got confused by the description.
Is it a story about Claire and her Grandmother?
I'm guessing from the description that Jack is a vampire
but what does Matt have to do with it all?

So let me explain to you
what's fabulous about 
Holding Back the Day.
The story is written in three parts.
Jack and Millie
is part one.
It goes back and forth 
between present day
and 50 years ago
when Jack, a vampire,
meets and falls in love with Millie.
Present day is Claire
and her relationship with her grandmother, 
whom she admires so.

Part two
is all about Jack and Matt.
We learn about Jack and how he became a vampire.
We also learn about Matt,
and how he's not so dull
and is crazy about Claire.

Part three is
Claire and Jack.
And what you think will happen
And you're not as disappointed as
you thought you'd be,
And it's not because it's predictable,
because you don't feel the same way 
as you did at the beginning of the book.
Just as Claire grows
and learns about herself,
you do too.

Jack is no Brother
(for all my BDB mates)
but he's just as hot as John Mathew
(because you know he's my favourite)
and just as messed up as Vishious.

Thank you Jamie Wasserman
for letting me into your world.
I can't wait to read more.

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