Wednesday, July 27, 2011

8 Fears

8 Fears

Snakes - Seriously. If I even see one on TV, my feet go off the floor and onto the sofa. Even this picture is creeping me out.

Heights - Sometimes I'm ok with them, other times... HELL NO!!!!

Death - My own, Scott's or Ethan's. I refuse to get older, mainly because I keep thinking that means I'm closer to death. Morbid. I know.

Being alone - I hate being alone in the house when Scott travels. I'm worried about being lonely in Lusaka. I worry that people will leave me and I'll be left all alone.

Failure - Terrified of failing. Failing at being a good mother, wife, teacher, friend...

Rejection - Fear that others will reject me and not take me as I am.

Needles - OMG I hate needles. Just the thought of getting one creeps me out.

Disappointment - Like rejection, I fear disappointing people.


Kim said...

Those are all very valid fears and I think we all share the ones about failure, disappointment, etc. I am scared of poisonous snakes, but others I like. I wouldn't mind having a pet snake when the kids get bigger. But we will probably end up with some sort of lizard.

Darlene said...

I can really relate to a lot of your fears as some are my own. Snakes, heights and being alone are some we share. Dick doesn't travel without me very much, but occaisionally he will go back to Indiana to a reunion and I will stay home. I used to do it,but was so unhappy being alone that now, when he does go, he drives me to our daughters where I stay and he flies out of Los Angeles. As for snakes and heights, I just avoid them. I could never try to get over either one.

Hang in there! You are a strong person in many ways that count!!

Faiza said...

such valid fears that are mostly rooted in you wanting to be the best version of yourself. :)