Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sisterhood Everlasting - Ann Brashares

I read the Sisterhood series years ago. And I really enjoyed them. I didn't, however, enjoy the second movie. It was a culmination of the last 3 books, and it was done poorly. But the characters always remained with me, even though I now visualise them as the actors that portrayed them.

I was in Walmart last week, and came across Sisterhood Everlasting. I wasn't aware that there was another one written. This one takes place 10 years later. The girls are now approaching their 30th birthdays.

It was hard to get through the beginning. The characters were all really different than I remembered them to be. Or maybe, I had higher expectations of them.

Carmen is an actress, engaged to a man that nobody likes, hasn't eaten in a decade, and oh, is obsessed with her iPhone. A little too obsessed. Or maybe she's just normal, but since none of her friends live on their cells, it made her look materialistic. Carmen? Materialistic?

Lena teaches art. No surprise here. But it seems it's part time. Which surprised me, as she always appeared the most put together of the group. She lives a lonely, secluded life. Disappointing. She still pines over Stavros. No surprise.

Bree is as carefree as always. Maybe a little too carefree. She is suppose to be 30. And since her mother was... biopolar? Sorry, can't remember, but either way, she was once worried about ending up like her mother, and here she seems to be doing so, and no one's concerned. It's just Bree.

Tibby and Brian are in Australia, and haven't been in touch with the rest of the gang in over a year.

Sisterhood Everlasting was great in how in showed how friendships change, and how we are not always prepared for it. There is a tragedy. Which is what made reading the beginning so difficult. Each girl deals with the tragedy differently. Once they would have come together in the face of crisis. Now they each deal with it alone, not burdening the other.

But, in true sisterhood fashion, they come together. A little cheesy, maybe, but truly them. The sisterhood returns. It's.... everlasting.