Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dark Legacy - Anna DeStefano

Ok, so I have no clue what this book was about. It was hard to follow and didn't make sense. I'm ok with books that have a secret and as you read them the secret gets revealed, but this one was just confusing.

Maddie and Sarah are twins. They are psychic. They find a note regarding some legacy, but their mother disregards it. Confusing.

Jump forward to when the twins are sixteen. Sarah is apparently the darker twin. She's gotten into trouble and her parents pick her up. On the way home, they are hit by a truck. Their father dies and Sarah is in a coma.

Jump forward 10 years, and Maddie is now becoming a doctor. She's supposedly brilliant, but for the past 3 months she's been having disturbing nightmares. Sarah's mind has attached itself to hers, and they are sharing these nightmares. Confusing.

It gets even more confusing. Sarah is not in a coma but in a facility where they are using her as a weapon.Think Inception. Maddie tries to help her sister. There's a raven who's really a doctor trying to aid Sarah. Maddie has a doctor mate who's in love with her (whatever). There's a wolf who's some mystery evil. It made no sense. 

Apparently it ends with a cliffhanger, but it only makes sense if you actually understood all the dreams vs reality stuff, and only if you're keen to read more about these twins.

Which I am not.


April said...

I've read books like that and they are too annoying to be enjoyable. I remember one that I found confusing and couldn't finish was "Another Faust" by Daniel Nayeri