Tuesday, July 26, 2011

10 Day You Challenge

I need to get back into the blogging world. My mate, Sarah, started this on her blog, and I thought it would inspire me to get blogging, at least for the next 10 days. 

Ten Secrets

I think I've shared all my secrets. Let me think on that.

1. I was terrified of child birth. To the point, I asked if it were possible for either a vodka IV to ease the pain, or a bat to the head and be woken when Ethan was born.

2. I always wanted a girl. As a teen, I worked in retail, and would collect girl clothing for my unborn seed. Once we learnt we were pregnant, I was hoping for a boy. (A box of girlie stuff was then given to my cousin)

3. I hate coffee. And yet, in the past year, I've develop a fondness for lattes.

4. My parents sent me to many shrinks when I was a preteen.

5. In Grade 6, I hated my homeroom teacher with a passion. Every Friday, I had 90 minutes straight with her first thing in the morning. It was too much to bear, so for over a month, I skipped school every Friday. (which may explain #4)

6. I enjoy doing laundry.

7. I was a vegetarian for many years. When I was pregnant with Ethan I started craving meat (I always say that's how I knew he was a boy. No girl would make their Mommy eat meat.)

8. I was not a vegetarian when I met Scott. In fact, he would say, when I was, that if I were when we met, we probably wouldn't have dated.

9. I will not throw caution to the wind and admit to having the same #9 as Sarah's. (You're stuck visiting hers if you want to find out)

10. I lived off Dairy Queen banana splits during my last trimester.


Faiza said...

OMG i remember you used to have boxes and bags of baby clothes in the back of your closet!

i wish i knew you enjoyed doing laundry while you were here...