Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sweet Valley Confidential - Francine Pascal

I was such a fan of Sweet Valley High. I have no idea how many I read in the series, but I loved them. Elizabeth and Todd. Sweet. I'd get angry in the books where they'd broken up and she was dating someone new. I loved Jessica. Well, loved to hate her. I drooled over Todd, and thought Bruce was an arse. But I loved my Sweet Valley High, and no one could convince me otherwise.

A few months back, I heard Francine Pascal was re-visiting them. Ten years later. I thought it was a book I'd need to read. Re-visit some old friends. And then I forgot about them.
Until yesterday. I ran out of books to read, and made my way to the bookstore, and found Sweet Valley Confidential sitting there. I just had to get it.

Note to self; read reviews before spending money on a book.

I was utterly disappointed.

Ok, so in Sisterhood Everlasting I wasn't happy with how the characters hadn't seemed to really change over the course of 10 years. Well here, they were unrecognizable.

The book begins with Elizabeth living in New York. She and Jessica had a falling out 8 months ago. Jessica betrayed Elizabeth (no surprise here) but it was so hurtful, that it forced Elizabeth to leave Sweet Valley and she hasn't spoken to Jessica since. The book is written in a series of flashbacks to show the reader what happened, and shows the perspective of the different characters involoved.

Granted, I don't remember much about the characters, but I do know they all made a 180.

Elizabeth isn't just hurt. She's devastated. Fair enough. But she can't let go. Eight months later, and she's still dreaming of revenge and even goes so far to plan her revenge. Elizabeth? Vengeful? 

Jessica is the innocent one. Again, huh? Yes what she did was horrible, but Francine makes her likeable. And while that's great, where's the Jessica I love to hate?

Then there's Bruce. He's suppose to be an arrogant snob! Fine, he grew up. Fine he changed. But he's an utter wuss!!!!! 

Have you ever read a book that made you mad? And I don't mean just mad at the book, but you can feel that anger inside you, and you think you need to send your child on a playdate otherwise you'll blow up at him for not good reason? Well, that's happened to me. I'm so disappointed, that I'm actually angry.

Let's just hope I'm better than Elizabeth and don't take 8 months to calm down!


Zoƫ said...

I never read this series but I have heard similar things to what you say in all the reviews I've seen.

It's a weird trend of revisiting characters 10 years later... wonder if any more are in the works!

Faiza said...

oh so disapppinted to hear this was that terrible. i shall wait until i find it in a bargain bin.