Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seven Wants

7 Wants

1. I want to loose weight. I know everyone says that, but I enjoyed my time in Canada a wee bit too much. This is actually a need more than a want.

2. I want Ethan to grow into a confident, intelligent, caring person. 

3. I want to make some great mates here in Lusaka. (Am getting nervous for Ethan and I.)

4. I want all the boxes to miraculously get emptied and things put away where they should be. (I'm blogging as a way to stall from doing more unpacking)

5. Bags. I bought a new Fossil bag while in Canada (sshh don't tell Scott) but I want more. Kate Spade. Coach. More!

6. A veggie garden. I want a beautiful veggie garden in my backyard.

7. Once again, stealing from Sarah, a Seeds meet up would be the best!


Darlene said...

It is always hard to move and boxes unpacked are just the worst, aren't they? I am sure you will have it all settled in soon and then you can start making lots of new friends.

Your WANTS sound terrific! That will give you a lot to work on. I especially liked the idea of a vegetable garden in your back yard. Do you know that in all my 84 years, I have never had a vegetable garden?

Good luck in all your undertakings. Tima said...

All of you "Wants" are very realistic. Can't wait to see your veggie garden. :) xx