Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hidden Currents - Christine Feehan

The Drake sisters series has come to an end. An explosive end in Hidden Currents

I had read some reviews on Goodreads, that stated this was pretty hardcore, but I was honestly not prepared for this. It was gut-wrenching. The first half of the book is hard to read, and even made me feel ill. But, it wasn't as graphic as I expected it to be, and it was done...tastefully....if I can use that word.

Elle is the last sister. She is destined to keep the Drake family legacy. Throughout all the books, you can see there's something going on between her and Jackson, so you know this is their time. Throughout the books, Jackson intrigued me, but Elle, she was, just there. I liked learning about Jackson's past and present. He was a lonely badass. Now he's a badass, but perhaps, not so lonely. Oh, and he has a heart. But sshhh... he doesn't want anyone to know that.

Elle feels rejected by Jackson, so she agrees to take an assignment overseas, undercover to expose a sex slave ring. (What's with me and books about sex slaves? See Girl Who Played with Fire) She is kidnapped, held captive for a month, where she is brutally beaten and raped on a daily basis. Intense. I know. 

A lot of reviews criticised the way, once she was rescued, she jumped into bed with Jackson and seemed to heal quickly. Ok, yes that's weird, but the other option is having the book go on longer because we all know she needs her HEA.

What I liked about Hidden Currents was how all the sisters are re-visited. We see them again, and their men. We get to see what the men can do. BTW, all but 2 of them are really into guns and blowing things up! Also, it was great how the town of Sea Haven came together.

There is a sense of finality. We see a little bit of an ending to all characters we've met in the past. A new character arrives, and there is no ending. But then I'm told her new series begins with this one. But without the Drake sisters, I'm not sure if I'll begin that one.


April said...

I just requested the first book in the series from the library. I'm always looking for new books and I definitely agreed with some of the other choices on your blog so I thought I might like these ones as well :) Thanks!