Thursday, July 14, 2011

Turbulent Sea - Christine Feehan

I can't believe I only have one book left in this series. I've just been gobbling them up! 

Turbulent Sea is the 6th book in the Drake series. Here we get to know Joley a little better. She's a musician. Excuse me, she's a rock star. With adoring fans everywhere. All her albums hit platinum and her concerts are always sold out. Everyone loves her. And just as many people want to harm her.
We already met IlyaPrakenskii, dark and sexy Russian. He's made his mark on Joley, but we never knew much about him. He's the bodyguard to a Russian mobster. Is he evil (he's killed people) or undercover and a good guy (he saved Hannah's life)? He's magical like the Drake's, but no one knows anything about him.

The other 5 books all take place in or around Sea Haven and most sisters are heavily involved. But not here. Joley is on the road. And where Joley is Nikitin, the Russian mobster is, and where he is, Ilya is. Got goosebumps yet?

Joley knows she's obsessed with Ilya, but figures it's because she always goes for the bad guy. But as she starts falling for him, she needs to decide if she can be with him. Can she trust him? Who is he really?

Ok, you have to have goosebumps!

The only rotten thing, is I've begun packing and the last book is on my Kindle. In my suitcase. Guess will have to wait till Dar to get to it.