Tuesday, June 26, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 16

As I teacher,
I bring a lot of myself
and my personality to my classroom.
I love to tell my students stories.
I always assumed I told a lot of 
Ethan stories.
I figured, 
if I want to know my students,
they should know me.
I never really realised how much of me
my students understood
until the last day of school.

Last Tuesday was our last day.
We had an assembly in the morning
and a class party after that.
During the party,
my class parent presented a gift
and a story to me.
She had collected money
from all the parents
to purchase me a gift.
These are always nice.
I know from the past,
that the class mum tends to put some thought into it.

this year,
it would appear my girls had more input than the 
class parent.

As Sarah presented my gift,
she informed me how involved a group of girls were.
They knew there was to be a gift
and they wanted a say in the gift.
It would appear,
my students know a lot about me.
The girls insisted that my gift be a pair of shoes.
but not just any pair of shoes.
Oh no!
They wanted me to have 
a pair of brown boots
with a 3-inch heel.
they know me!!!!

When Sarah mentioned to the girls
she was unsure they could find 
these boots for me,
the girls were quick to come up with a solution.
A handbag!

A group of girls went with Sarah
to Sugarbush to get me a new bag.

This is probably the first time
I've ever had a gift from my class
that really came from my class.
While it's not a bag
I would ever choose for myself,
it's sooooo me!

Don't you just love the splash of pink?                       

Happiness is a fabulous new bag
from my fabulous class.



Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Pretty bag and thoughtful students.

Sue said...

What a great gift! So touching that they wanted to get you just the right thing...


Kim said...

That is really great that you connected so well with your students. And just what you needed, a new bag. :) I bet Scott was happy that it was a gift. lol