Monday, June 25, 2012

Crave - JR Ward

Guess what?
I'm home!!!!
Ethan and I made it safely to Canada.
We left on Saturday
and headed for London.
Ethan refused to sleep on the plane,
which meant I didn't sleep,
which meant I got to read!

Crave is the second installment
in The Fallen Angels series.
Crave picks up a few days after Covet
where Fallen Angel, Jim Heron,
must save the soul of an AWOL Black Ops soldier,
Isaac Roth.
Jim and Isaac share a history together,
both having served under the treacherous leadership of Matthias.
When we begin, 
Isaac is making some quick cash as an underground cage fighter.
After the ring gets busted
Isaac lands in jail where he meets his court appointed
defense attorney
Grier Childe.
And you know,
sparks are going to fly!

Devina is back again,
very unhappy that Jim won round one.
She's determined not to let him win this time.
And she'll do anything to guarantee her win.

And now that I'm home,
I think a trip to the bookstore is in order,
to get the next book!



Sue said...

Glad you're home safely!


Darlene said...

I guess I didn't know that you were planning to go home. How long are you going to stay? You must have been on a plane for a very long time, from South Africa to Cananda! I hope you are planning to stay a long time. Who do you visit in Canada? Do you have a lot of family there? I thought your parents lived in Dar.

I'll bet that trip was hard on Ethan. And if it was hard on Ethan, it had to be hard on you too.

Good thing you had a good book to read. That always helps.