Thursday, June 21, 2012


The best part of my job this year
was working with Kay.

Kay's classroom was next to mine.
She's our Special Education teacher
and a fantastic one at that.
I've learnt so much from her
this year.
She's the one that encouraged me to finally
apply for my Master's.

Kay is retiring this year.
I'm so sad.

Asides from being an amazing teacher,
she's a hoot.

Trying out our duck faces.

Kay enjoys having a good time.
Check out her party chant.

P is for Party
A is for All nite
R is for Routy
T is for Tonight
Y is for You
and YOU know what to do
you have to party
don't let yo mama know
cause she won't let you go
You have to Party


Sue said...

She sounds like a fun character. Happy retirement to her!


Darlene said...

Your duck faces are pretty cute!!

Your friend Kay sounds like a fun person for sure. I'll bet she was a good teacher. I am a bit confused about whether you will be teaching next year, or whether you will be going for your Masters. It will be good for you to get your Masters for a lot of reasons. My daugher, Nikki, got hers and teaching is truly her life. She loves it. She teaches English, which is about the hardest subject to teach as it requires working almost every night at home and weekends too as she has to grade so many essays, stories, poems etc. and make comments on all of them. Still it is something she love to do.

You impress me as being a dedicated teacher too!