Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge

It's not like I've got nothing to do,
I actually have stuff I planned to accomplish tonight.
But then Sarah introduced me to 
The Summer Blog Challenge.
So I've decided to stall on the work
and catch up on some blogging.

June 1st - Why are you doing this challenge?
Well why not?
It sounds like fun.
Ethan and I are going home this summer,
so what better way to share all we're doing
and more?

June 2nd - Post a picture of you smiling.
That would require my having a picture of myself.

June 3rd - 15 Interesting things about yourself.
1. I love handbags.
2. I have a shoe addiction.
3. I hate the pain of getting a tattoo, but am determined to get another one this summer.
4. I can't cook.
5. I love to bake.
6. I love being an Expat.
7. I'm thinking of changing my red streaks to blond.
8. I've started running.
9. I use to kickbox and really miss it.
10. I have some best mates ever, only have never met them.
11. I love how I've reconnected with high school mates through Facebook.
12. I would love to be a published author.
13. I'm highly sensitive and emotional.
14. I want to be a vampire when I grow up! ;)
15. I don't find myself interesting at all.

June 4th - Meaning behind your blog name.
My life is currently in Lusaka, Zambia.
This is where we currently live.
Life is here in Lusaka.

June 5th - Short term goals for this month and why those goals.
Getting my Grad School applications in.
I've been wanting to apply for years,
but never been courageous enough to apply.

June 6th - Nicknames you have and why you have them.
Well Tima is actually a nickname.
I got tired of people butchering my proper name.
That has then led to my other nicknames
which include;
Teems and T.
Scott calls me Babe.

June 7th - Picture of something that makes you happy.
Just one picture?
Well then it would have to be my boys.


    Sue said...

    I love this type of post where we get to know a little more about you!


    Greener Mommy said...

    stopping by from the Summer Blog Challenge. Love your post! Look forward to reading more. I hope you will have time to visit me at sometime soon :)