Friday, June 1, 2012

Sunrise at Sunset - Jaz Primo

With reports due next week,
I haven't been doing much reading.
But then came across this free Kindle,
and couldn't pass up on some vamps.

Katrina Rawlings is a vampire.
She's fed up and has decided to end her life.
She's prepared to die,
steps out in the sun,
then changes her mind.
Burning, she finds shelter
in a barn, 
where a small boy saves her life.

Katrina never forgot her
Angel Caleb.
She uses her power to ensure he grows up to be a
great man.
And apparently he does.

Katrina returns years later,
and is stunned to see how much Caleb has grown.

Sunrise at Sunset is a love story
between a vampire and a human.
This time the vampire is a kick ass woman.
Kat has enemies,
who want to see her hurt.
And what better way to hurt a vampire
than to go after the human she loves?

While this didn't have the heat
that many of my vampire books have,
I loved the simplicity
yet no so simple
relationship between Katrina and Caleb.


Darlene said...

Glad you got to read another free book on your kindle. Of course I wouldn't have read this one, but it sounds like you did enjoy it. I have a daughter who enjoys vampire books and also a granddaughter who adores them. They neither one of them got that from me.