Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge - Fitness Guru or Couch Potato

June 16th - Fitness guru or couch potato? Talk about your fitness habits.

You know, I have this wonderful lie I project.
And now you want to know what I do?

So in Dar,
I had an amazing kickboxing trainer.
I loved it.
I have yet to find one here in Lusaka.

I started running.
I've always hated it,
but it seems to be the thing everyone does
so of course I had to try.
I started last summer
while I was home. 
There's a beautiful path
that just made running
so much better.
The uneven roads here,
do not inspire me.

For Christmas,
Scott and I opted for no gifts.
Instead we purchased a treadmill.
I gotta say,
I'm enjoying that.

I also have a few DVDs
and the Wii
which I use.

guess I'm a cross between
a fitness guru and couch potato.
Guess that makes me 
a fitness potato!


Julie said...

ha ha! Cute!

Hardly Awkward said...

Haha! I must be a fitness potato too!

Sue said...

I use a treadmill, too. Or I walk outside at dusk.


Carrigan's Joy said...

I love running and you're blessed to have a beautiful path to try it out on. I also enjoy my treadmill to which I have a date with starting next Monday morning.

You have a beautiful blog, I'll be visiting again!!

Toni @ Carrigan's Joy

Kendall said...

LOL at fitness potato.

Witch Vera said...

Hahaahha ! you named it, Fitness Potato so cute! sounded fit for me too.. mwahaha.. ^^

Becky Elmuccio said...

I applaud you for using the treadmill. I've never gotten the hang of being good at using one of those.