Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge - Proud

June 19th - Something you're proud of from the last few days.

I have two things I'm pretty proud of this week.

1. My darling husband has a new job.
He took a new job last year that brought us to Zambia.
It meant a better life for Ethan and I.
However, he wasn't happy there.
So he quit.
It wasn't an easy decision for him,
and I'm proud of him
for doing what feels right.
This week,
he got a new job.
One he is utterly excited about.
And I couldn't be prouder.

2. I survived my first year here.
While this is not a hardship post,
I had a rough year.
It was a new school,
a new grade
I had some parents and colleagues that were not supportive.
But in the end,
I think the children learnt a lot
and had fun.

 Ok, so I said 2 things,
but since I've got one Scott thing,
and one me thing,
I'm going to add a third.

3. I'm proud of Ethan
My boy has completed Kindergarten.
He is reading and adding
and telling me everything he has learnt.
I couldn't be more proud
of my little-not-so-much-a-baby baby.
Yesterday his class had a mini assembly
and Ethan was given an award


Trista Laborn said...

#3 you can never have too many things to be proud of especially if it has to do with with your children, even if you said 2 things... Great list! im your newest follower you can follow back at:

Julie Jordan Scott said...

How fantastic!!! I love Ethan's smile... and I love that we both somehow wrote 3 things. I could have sworn we were supposed to write three things! LOL.

Anyway - yay for love, accomplishments and love, love, love!

So glad I popped over from Summer Blog Challenge facebook group!

If you want to see my post, visit here!

Kendall said...

Congratulations on your husband's new job!

Sue said...

Lots of good thing going on for you guys!


Patty A said...

I know how the job thing can go and my hubby got a new job about a year ago. Hubby is pretty much happy where he is now.

I hope he will love his new job.